Jay has weird elbows that can bend the wrong way, and Wes can't spell very well so they juggle and eat Japanese food together. One of them has a routine where they do violently intricate 5 ball juggling while their feet twist around like squirrels in bumper cars. The other has a trick which ends with a used paintbrush in his mouth and a song stuck in his head. They have an act together and in it they do things that you can't find on the internet!

A playground full of shapes fills the stage ready to pop into action. Stomping down makes balls fly up, pulling up sends clubs sideways, and sideways spins keep rings from falling down. 43 Tricks interlace arms and objects into unexpected juggling contraptions.

Jay Gilligan (USA) has collaborated with Cirque du Soleil, Les Sept Doigts de la Main, Cirkus Cirkör, Cie Jérôme Thomas, and the Gandini Juggling Project. His past 25 years have included performances in 26 different countries. Jay is the head teacher of juggling at the Dans och Cirkushögskolan in Stockholm, Sweden.

Wes Peden (USA) won a Bronze Medal at the 33rd Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. He has performed in 17 different countries, including shows for the King and Queen of Sweden on three separate occasions. Wes graduated from the Dans och Cirkushögskolan with a degree in juggling and lives in Stockholm, Sweden.